Coffee Machine Gaggia : Classic

฿23,500.00 ฿19,500.00

คุณสมบัติ :

  • ถังบรรจุน้ำ 2.1 ลิตร
  • แรงดัน 15 บาร์แรงเต็มกำลัง
  • ด้ามจับพร้อมตัวกรองทำจากโครเมียม
  • กำลังไฟ 1,300 วัตต์
  • รับประกัน 2 ปี
  • สินค้าจากอิตาลี่

Product Description

The Gaggia Classic presents a strong entry-level semi-automatic espresso machine, made from quality commercial components and built to last. The stainless-steel housing is solid, with heavy-duty rocker switches for controls. The chrome-plated brass brew group and portafilter are commercially styled, with the portafilter enjoying a 58 mm diameter, the standard for commercial machines. The pressurized portafilter basket makes brewing easy, able to extract a crema from just about any coffee without trouble. For more control, you can switch out for the included commercial-style basket and develop your technique. Frothing milk is made easy with the Turbo-Frother steam wand attachment, making cappuccinos and lattes a fun, effortless experience. Finally, the three-way solenoid valve keeps coffee pucks dry in the portafilter when you are ready to discard, a feature typically only found in more expensive, commercial machines.

Weight 9.5 kg