Davinci Instant Snow Cap 500 g.



Instant Snow

Product Information

Instant snow cap is an amazing solution to create cream cap in less than 15sec without a blender. Made with real milk for a natural creamy taste, its rich milky taste with a hint of vanilla, sweet and savoury can work on their own or flavoured with DVG products to make flavoured cream cap.

Nutritional Information

  • Energy in kJ 1,864.83 kJ/100g
  • Energy in Kcal 446.11 kcal/100g
  • Protein (N x 6.25) 7.54 g/100g
  • Total Fat 15.48 g/100g
  • Saturated Fat 13.84 g/100g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat 0.07 g/100g
  • Monounsaturated Fat 0.97 g/100g
  • Total Trans Fatty Acids 0.22 g/100g
  • Carbohydrates 67.92 g/100g
  • Carbohydrates as Sugars 44.57 g/100g
  • Dietary Fibre 1.65 g/100g
  • Sodium 736.42 mg/100g
  • Ash 5.46 g/100g

Net Weight


Shelf Life

12 months from the date of manufacture

Best Before

The Best Before Date is declared in open code on the label or on packaging.

Storage Condition

Stored unopened, in a clean, cool (<25°C), dry location

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 34 cm