Monin Syrup Lemon Rantcho




MONIN Lime Rantcho is a convenient, consistent concentrate which will impart a refreshing lime zing to a variety of classic cocktails such as traditional gin & tonics, margaritas, caïpirinhas and mojitos.


Cloudy light yellow

Tasting notes

Nose: Fresh lime
Attack: Fresh lime juice with high acidity
Length in mouth: Sour

Beverage Innovation Director’s tip

MONIN Lime Rantcho is the perfect solution to replace fresh lime juice in all classic cocktails, from daïquiris to margaritas. Try it into a handcrafted soda with exotic fruits like passion fruit or mango. My favourite twist is to add it to a gin & tonic flavoured with Cucumber & Elder Flower syrups, I call it a Garden Party.

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 34 cm