Monin Syrup Matcha Green Tea




Green by name and green by nature, the intense emerald green shade of MONIN Matcha Green Tea syrup captures the royal character of the famous Japanese tea. Embrace the unique and refreshing green tea flavour and surprising hint of lemongrass in a cold drink like a latte, smoothie, and a cocktail.

Refreshing Green Flavour

MONIN Matcha Green Tea syrup brings unique flavour and intense green colour to lattes, iced drinks, Martinis, smoothies, cocktails and mocktails.


Bright emerald green

Tasting notes

Very strong and refreshing flavour of green tea with a hint of lemongrass.

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

To reveal the body of MONIN Matcha Green Tea syrup, I suggest using it with thick juice such as mango, banana, pear… White Chocolate syrup or sauce will also reinforce the aroma of Matcha Green Tea syrup.

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 34 cm